Science Explorers


Thanks to your generosity and support, each summer we began with a 2 week Science Explorers camp to 50 children who participate in the “I Have a Dream” program in East Harlem.   One reason we focus on sponsoring a science program is because David Gordon had such a marvelous curiosity about all things scientific.  The "I Have A Dream" Foundation provides long-term support to help children from low-income communities achieve their full potential by promoting personal empowerment, high school graduation, postsecondary success, and financial support for postsecondary education.  They are unique in that they sponsor cohorts of students in under-resourced public schools or housing developments, and they work with these "Dreamers" from early elementary school all the way through high school.

We collaborated with them to bring hands-on science and engineering programming to children who do not usually experience engaging science activities.  They love the camp.  I Have a Dream’s program director wrote to us lauding our education director, Glo DeAngelis, and the experience the kids had:  “Science Explorers brings the excitement and wonder of science to life for the Dreamers through truly experiencing science – touching, feeling, and doing the projects/experiments. One of the major benefits is Glo as an instructor. Glo generously shares her passion and wonder of science with the Dreamers, never making them feel inadequate because of their age or ability. The Dreamers learn about science in ways that don’t happen in the classroom during school.  Science Explorers helps them see science as fun, pertinent to everyday life, and accessible.  The lessons are compact, well organized, and manageable.”  The program was so successful, “I Have a Dream” asked us to continue it throughout the school year.  We then were able to expand our Science Explorers program to Los Angeles and a whole new cohort of Dreamers. For three summers, Glo has brought the magic of science to these students, who have loved their time exploring skeleton bones, rockets, and owl pellets!