Our Education Programs

The Foundation supports endeavors that directly impact children and enhance their learning experiences. Our aim is to develop innovative programs that engender in children a lifelong love of learning, a desire to help others and give back to their communities, and the inspiration and confidence to fulfill their potential in school and beyond.

We have established education programs that are designed to provide highly gratifying experiences of discovery and achievement that the students will attempt to replicate over the course of their lifetimes.

The Scholars Program

One of our education programs is the Scholars Program, which was piloted in 2007 at David’s elementary school in McLean, VA. The Foundation supports the talents of an amazing violinist, Music Scholar Jillian Khoo.  As a middle school student, she was accepted into the National Symphony Orchestra Youth Fellowship Program for high school students and is the concertmaster for the DC Youth Orchestra.  Jillian participated in the National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute for 4 weeks this summer. The highlights of this program were the pieces they selected for performance. They played Don Juan by Strauss, and Mahler's 1st Symphony, which are some of the most challenging pieces in the orchestra repertoire. Their excerpts are frequently heard in professional orchestra auditions, and the pieces are rarely performed by college or high school orchestras because of their difficulty. To watch Jillian, click here and here.

Science Explorers

A second program is a collaboration with the I Have a Dream Foundation.  The DGLD Foundation supports Science Explorers, a summer science camp in New York City with I Have a Dream students.  It has been a huge success.  The camp reviews science and engineering concepts and engages the students in expanding their interest in these areas through games, songs, experiments and explorations.  We will be adding programming this year at the I Have a Dream site, as well as expanding to another site in Los Angeles.  To view photos of our Science Explorers in action and to learn more, click here.

The Foundation’s strategy for expanding the reach and impact of our education programs nationally is through collaboration with organizations that share our goal of enriching children’s lives and learning opportunities and have assets and expertise that complement our own. It is our belief that this kind of partnership will make it possible to bring the magic of learning and exploring to many underserved children.